The Castillo Morales Method

The Castillo Morales method is a comprehensive rehabilitation approach to the treatment of patients with communication and sensorimotor defects, with swallowing and breathing disorders. The technology is based on manual influence and psycho-emotional contact. The method allows eliminating motor-speech pathologies in children with a wide range of neurological diseases.

Principle of the Castillo Morales Method

The method is actively used to activate the speech apparatus. The basis is the principle of stimulating the muscles of the speech apparatus, developing and improving the function of swallowing, breathing and speech. Points of influence: active zones of the head and cervical region. The key options for the impact of a specialist – pressing, pulling and vibration – allow the patient to fully feel his speech apparatus.

The central axis of the therapeutic approach developed by the rehabilitation therapist Castillo Morales is to work with the entire body of the patient as a complex. This is the only way to achieve the desired result. This technique is well combined with other activities (Vojta, NDT Bobath) in rehabilitation programs for children with:

  • cerebral palsy;
  • decreased tone of the muscles of the speech apparatus;
  • nutritional disorders;
  • pathologies of the speech-motor apparatus;
  • genetic syndrome;
  • other neurological diseases.

Method objectives

To normalize muscle tone in the areas responsible for the function of speech and swallowing reflex.
Synchronize muscle work with breathing.
Improve blood circulation in the head and neck area.
Activate the motor function and improve the general health of the patient.
Features of the technique
The complex of procedures includes acupressure of target areas, massage of the face and neck, special gymnastics. The mental development of the patient is not important, because all procedures are performed by a specialist. With the help of hands, he stimulates the muscle tone of the muscle group responsible for breathing, swallowing, chewing, speech.

The application of the Castillo Morales technique has a positive effect on blood microcirculation in the facial and cervical areas. Contraindications – an acute form of epilepsy and inflammation in the neck, pharynx, face.

Individual work programs with children include:

  • Stimulation of connections between sensory and motor functions.
  • Vibration technique to relieve tension from the muscles of the speech apparatus.
  • A therapy focused on stabilizing the body and activating the speech area.
  • Classes with special plates that stimulate the tongue and correct muscle tone.
  • Formation of the ability to chew and swallow in children with spasticity and muscle tension.

At each lesson, specialists work out the most relevant points for the patient at the moment. The main goal is to assess the individual characteristics and needs of the patient, to develop a personal therapy program that will enable normal communication with the outside world.